Our Church

God died for youOur Church structure has a narthex, knave, sanctuary and a pew. It is a traditional church that we love and take care of. It has been featured in many famous periodicals through out the nation for the traditional look it has. Come to worship with us we welcome everybody and know you will fall in love with the church just like we have once you have come.

Our Mission

Our Mission as the people of God is that we are gifted and we need to show everybody that we are the ambassadors of God and as that we need to share the good word about his work and his blessings. We welcome the idea of anybody that comes to our site, speak to the church, or just drop on in. As Gods people we just happy to hear from you. You can call, email, mail, and or drop on by to see what we want to share with everybody.

Worship Services

Our services are at 11 am and at 1 pm on Sundays and all major holidays. We start our worship in song and go to learning quickly after. After we are done we always have a lunch afterwards so in the least you would get a great breakfast even if we are not the church to you. Come on by and give us a try.


Below are links to people that do not just support us we support them. So please give them some love today!