Small Groups

We want all of our Christians that go here to grow in their faith towards the lord. That is why we introduced small groups. In small groups we give time to all those that want to learn more about God and his teachings. Small groups are held at different home according to a schedule. If you would like to be a host or an attendee please lets us know so we can get you into the schedule or give you a schedule.

Later Hours

So if you are single or recently divorced and you are looking for a like minded husband/wife then we invite you to our later hours dance. We have them 5 times a year and are geared to the singles in our church. It is a great way to meet others and is will get you out of the house and into a relationship with god. Give us a call today to get the schedule.

Bible Studies

Feel like your connection with the lord needs to be stronger but don’t know how to get it? That is why we have made Bible Studies. It is not only a study group but also a discussion group on what the meaning of the bible is. We encourage a free mind if you want to attend this group but one thing is for sure you will learn and open your horizons

Bible BBQ

Once a month we have a Bible BBQ which is a study group that afterwards has a BBQ. It is every 3rd Sunday and is right after the last service.

If you have an idea that you think would be a great way for many to learn about god email us or call us today.