What to expect when you come here

When you come to service you will find a casual but friendly environment from the people that love it here!. Our service will last between and hour and an hour and a half. Our service will revolve around the word of God and what it does and what it can do for you. We start each service with music and praise. Also we will have at least one video during the service. It will be high energy and it involve your kids if they come.

What you will enjoy

You will find a place that you belong. The age has nothing to do with the love you will have for this church. From newborns to 93 year olds there is a place for everybody here. Because we all love God.
Our service goes fast. Many people tell us that they just felt that they sat down and the service was over. Due to the fun we have even know it is service it is fun and that is the best way to learn about the Lord.
We give everybody the chance to do work for the Lord. God gave us the gifts to change lives and when you serve for the church not only do you have a belonging you also develop a purpose to help others.
You will grow. We give all that come the tools to grow in their life. As a devoted follower of the Lord you will continue to grow as you come to the services that we offer.

What your family will enjoy

Kids love it here! Our high energy and fast paced worship makes it a favorite among kids because they are always learning and moving at the same time while making it fun!
Special times for the teens. We have dances and activities just for the teens that are always supervised.
We mix similar grades together. So kids never feel like they are being cut out or having to go forward we mix the close grade groups together so they always feel like a part of a team.