hands to the skyWe focus our sports around our faith. We have practice once a week and games on Saturdays against other church sport groups. We offer the following sports through our program.

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Baseball

and many more. Our practice will be based around the lord and fun we can have when doing just that.



We have two retreats every year. One in the Summer which is a week long trip to the mountains in the summer where we live off the land and become reliant on just ourself and the lord. No experience required. The second one is in the winter and we will go to a cabin for a relaxing fun time and playing in the snow. We will focus on what the Lord has in store you and your life.

Job Hunting

As you are leaving our group becoming a young adult you might need help and that is why we created our Job Hunting resource. We will put you in touch with business owners of the area of business that you would like to get into. You will be able to ask them the questions about their job and what it takes to get there. If this interest you email Jeff today!